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We use Perfmatters to optimize the loading of scripts

This is our performance plugin of choice for the optimization of WordPress websites. Increases the speed of your site by reducing HTTP requests, disabling plugins, stripping out code, and optimizing your database.

Delay loading of external & non-critical JS files until user interaction. Disable scripts and plugins from loading on a per post/page basis or sitewide, load scripts only where they are used.

Get the #1 web performance plugin for WordPress

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Setup Perfmatters Plugin

When you purchase Perfmatters you can download the plugin, upload it like any other plugin, and use the license key to activate it. You can configure the plugin yourself and I have some articles on how to delay Javascript with a list of common JavaScript files you can delay and how to disable WooCommerce Cart Fragments.

Most settings are easy to configure, it will get hard at the delay Javascript and remove unused CSS parts. Here you will need some knowledge about how to find the scripts you need for exclusions when parts of the website break. We also call it script hunting, where we hunt down the (inline) scripts that need to be loaded and can not be delayed.

I use the Chrome Developer tool to help find scripts and errors and sometimes it is like a giant puzzle you will have to figure out. You will need some knowledge about how optimization works, what assets do you preload, pre-connect, or prefetch?

Do you need help with Perfmatters?

If you need help you can contact me and I will help you configure Perfmatters and a cache plugin, I recommend Flying Press.

I will optimize your website for speed and performance and give you recommendations on how to improve the website and general advice.

Yes please help me to configure Perfmatters

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