Kinsta Static Site Hosting is Fast and Free

Static Site Hosting is now available for free using Kinsta and Cloudflare. For more information on this free service see: Kinsta Static Site Hosting

Kinsta can build and push your static site project to the 260+ data centers in the Cloudflare global network.

It’s also possible to use static site generators to compile static assets from other sources, such as Markdown files or a CMS.”

How Static Site Hosting Works at Kinsta

Developers deploying a static site with Kinsta begin with their project in a Git repository hosted by BitBucketGitHub, or GitLab. A connection to the Git repository and configuration settings required to build and deploy the site is managed through MyKinsta.

But your website doesn’t have to be built using a static site generator. As long as you can get your static web assets into a repository at one of the supported Git hosts, your project can be deployed as a static site.

Time to Start Building a Static Site

If you want to get up and running quickly with Static Site Hosting at Kinsta, see the growing library of quick-start examples for compatible static site generators. These examples include Git repositories you can copy to kick-start your deployments.

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